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Speak English Beautifully. Tell Your Story in English.

How to upgrade your English and boost your speaking skills

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Speak English Beautifully Course -

What you will learn

  • You master a new level of English grammar and vocabulary
  • You enhance your voice power
  • You feel the pleasure of expressing yourself in English
  • You enjoy the way you sound in English
  • You speak your mind and heart with confidence and freedom in English

Course content

  • 1. Introduction Introduction and Overview
  • 2. Voice is Self-Perception Use past tenses, talk about your achievements and describe your voice
  • 3. Voice is Body Form comparative and superlative adjectives, love your body more and work on diction
  • 4. Voice is Wish Understand, formulate and express your wishes
  • 5. Voice is Creativity Talk about feelings and work on pronunciation
  • 6. Voice is Laughter Use the Second Conditional correctly talking about imaginary situations and pronounce difficult phrases
  • 7. Voice is Story Use the Third Conditional correctly in storytelling

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Course description

The course is designed specifically for women. It teaches new ways of self-expression in a foreign language. It consists of six parts with explanations and tasks. This is a very effective course to help students achieve three goals at once while enjoying the activities.

The first goal is very practical - to activate the knowledge of English and master new grammatical structures and vocabulary.

The second goal is essential to everyone - to boost the speaking skills. In each part students will find useful voice practices which will help to work on pronunciation and the power of voice.

The third goal is inspirational - to learn more about mindfulness. All tasks are connected with self-development and personal growth, which appeal to many women and help them learn more about themselves and achieve better life results.

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