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XXI-century skills: snackable content

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So-called «Snackable content» seems to be one of the biggest trends in today’s market.

Initially snackable content was related to short videos in social media used as a marketing trick stimulating consumers‘ demand and urging people to buy certain products. Though this concept can be also aplicable to educational environment — for creating short engaging activities in class. This is a perfect format for ice-breakers aimed at introducing a topic.

Considering the short-term attention spin of the gen-Z students and the growing popularity of short, eye-catching videos on You-tube, Instagram stories or Facebook, one should regard the ability to create »snackable content» as an essential XXI-century skill. It’s essential both for educators — to create attention-grabbing activities — and for Ss — to apply this critical skill in their future professions.

We are always pressed for time. So, to achieve maximum effect, the snackable activity should be:

1. Bite-size – it shouldn’t take you more that 5 minutes to get through it.

2. Attractive, interesting, appealing – sometimes you need to think out of the box here. For example, to introduce a topic of space exploration (which is pretty boring) show a short video – How to wash your hair in space https://youtu.be/kOIj7AgonHM

3. Engaging, easy to understand and to follow — experiment with content types (it shouldn’t be necessarily a video. It may also be a short game, PPT, music, using realia, mind-map)

4. Providing clear educational value. Ideally it should create an intention to learn more about the subject. After having taken a snack, you want more – that’s how it works!

It is also a great idea to encourage the students to try their hand producing short videos or presentation in this small snackable size. As an example I can bring to you the project called Autumn in Prague created by the group of Chinese students.

They were asked to take a beautiful picture capturing a nice autamn view of a city. The slide should also contain a haiku of their own written on a screen and voiced by each student. So, as a result we got an amazing slide-show incorporating visual and audio effects. Each slide was shown for about 10 seconds, but the preparation work took us several classes and included a few stages:

— photo session (outdoor class)

— composing poems (introducing haiku format, reading Japanese poetry, working out layout, composing) 

— voicing the poems (pronunviation practice, recording)

— creating a slide-show

A lot of work done to impress the viewers just in 1 minute — a perfect example of a snackable content!